When was the last time you’ve joined a dev team and the project was beautifully documented top to bottom?

How often do you get a great picture of the project’s internals by just reading what previous developers had written for you?

When was the last time you’ve written documentation for your fellow developers without freezing up while looking at a blank wiki page?

Devs that are great at writing documentation are few and far between. They see a blank page and the documents appear before their eyes. The rest of us might just need a little extra help.


With KeelDocs we are looking to alleviate these pains by providing structure and a unified approach to software documentation. Easier documentation workflow for devs and better onboarding for new contributors.

In the end, we plan to assist more teams in creating great documentation and saving time for everyone involved with it, be it the ones reading it or writing it.

KeelDocs features

We are engineers

We know that writing documentation is usually painful. We also know that great documentation is very helpful. We want to help other engineers put their brilliant ideas into words so that others can quickly get up to speed and contribute to the project.

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